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Integrated facility

DW Union’s beautification management system gives the highest level of satisfaction
to people who visit customer’s buildings by providing pleasant environment.

  • provide quick and efficient service with equipment availability and automation
  • use high quality cleaning materials for better sanitation and environment
  • provide cleaning service to improve customer’s work efficiency
  • beautification service putting customer’s convenience before anything else
  • beautification service with kindness and smile
  • provide service increasing value of customer’s assets
comparison with
existing business enterprises
strong points of DW Union
place workers
based on efficiency
place workers according to zone place workers based on efficiency
dry cleaning wet cleaning dry cleaning
cost accounting of
management by process
pricing based on workers cost accounting of
management by process

Maximize work efficiency
Maximize work efficiency. We place workers by 관리장 (??) unlike existing practices
that place workers by zone. We place skilled workers by subdividing 관리장 (??)
with DW’s knowhow care. We can save much time and cost by using the above mentioned system.

Dry cleaning
We mainly aim at dry cleaning rather than the existing wet cleaning
Dry cleaning is an advanced and net cleaning method that enables cleaning to be
done rapidly, life of building to be lengthened, harmful insects to be removed and
costs to be saved.

Cost accounting of management by process
You can expect excellent effect of cost saving by making the best of expertise
of workers and preventing overlapped placement of workers through cost
accounting of management by process beyond a limit of pricing based on workers.