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Integrated facility

Security management system for safety of buildings including control of access to building,
regular patrol and inspection provides the best safety service to users by managing
customer’s buildings thoroughly. We prevent accidents to keep life and property of
customers safe and serve customers with the best service through outstanding technical skills.

  • disaster prevention service aiming for the safety of customers
  • kind customer service which enhances value of building
  • thorough monitoring system around the clock
  • dress code, real name policy
  • systematic education about kindness

Safety of people
activities for physical safety of VIP and people in a building

Welcoming customers
Roles as buildings’ faces such as guidance and reception of people visiting buildings

Safety of facility
activities to protect facilities against threat such as patrol
Protects facilities against threat such as fire and theft

Parking management
Provides convenience to customers parking their cars
Protects parked cars from various threats
Guidance for customers visiting the building